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Work Yourself Happy
A Step by Step Guide to Creating Joy in Your Life and Work

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The Work Yourself Happy System brings fun, respect, and acknowledgment back into the workplace and creates an environment where people enjoy coming to work. It contains several key elements that any organization can begin to utilize now:

  • Freedom - employees want to have some freedom and flexibility in their work schedule to balance work/home life   issues.
  • Whole Person - employees want to bring their personalities, visions, values, and talents to work and want a company that allows them to share life interests as well as work interests.
  • Deep Communication - an environment where employees' needs and feelings are heard and fully acknowledged.
  • Be Part of Something - clearly know the vision, goals, and expectations of the company and feel that they belong.
  • Rewards - be rewarded for performance and productivity, not just time spent working.
  • Trust - work in an environment where relationships are created and good will is felt.
  • Inquiry - be able to question employer assumptions, policies, and changes and accept creative employee generated solutions.

When employees can see this system being lived by the managers and leaders of their organization, they feel respect, respected, and energized. In fact, they feel revitalized and instead of not wanting to come to work, they become excited about what Monday will bring. They throw themselves full-heartedly into their job, which is now seen as an enjoyable part of their life, and not a drudgery to be endured in order to earn an income.

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